Organising Committee

OICCE: 1998-2013

OICCE is a nonprofit association. It aims at promoting on the national territory the spreading, communication and transfer of knowledge in the Oenology field.

Furthermore, it supports the valorisation of the Italian cultural heritage in viticulture and wine-making.

OICCE is an inter-professional association. It is open to persons, companies, wine makers and manufacturers of machinery for the wine industry, providers of goods and services, laboratories, universities, boards and associations having an interest in the development of Italian oenology.

OICCE Associates represent, on the national territory, all professional activities linked to oenology.

In 2013 OICCE turns fifteen.

OICCE is a laboratory of ideas and projects.




OICCE TIMES is the quarterly magazine covering the hottest topics in the world of oenology.

It recounts the experiences of international main actors in the field, through:

  • Articles on oenological technology
  • Articles on viticulture and ampelography
  • Marketing
  • Presentation of legal provisions
  • Oenological history and culture
  • Journeys through territories and fine wines

OICCE TIMES reaches all the main actors in the oenological production chain.

It is the magazine for those who design, produce and bottle wine for an increasingly demanding market.





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